Instructor and Class Submission Form

In order to submit your instructor and class descriptions to the ATE Spokane, you must use this form and follow the submission requirements as listed below.

Any questions should be directed to the NWACA at State Office at 877.257.2100 or or 

Submission Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements that you must meet in order to successfully submit your information to us. Any submissions not meeting these minimum requirements will be rejected and you will need to re-submit the corrected files to us.

Instructor Bio

  • Must be a minimum of 75 words (200 max).
  • Copy and paste your bio into the Instructor Bio field in the form below.

Instructor Photo

  • Only color photos (no black and white). Photos should be a clear head shot, preferably by yourself. Far away photos or group photos in which your face is lost in the crowd are not acceptable.
  • Accepted file formats: TIF, JPG
  • We DO NOT accept GIF files.
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Minimum photo size: 3.5in x 4in (252px X 288px)
  • CLICK HERE for a photo example.


  • Class description should be written in the following format:

    Introductory paragraph / Bulleted list of key points (up to 5) / Closing paragraph.

  • Copy and paste the class description into the Class Description field in the form below.
  • CLICK HERE for a class description example.

Instructor and Course Submission Form

Please note that required fields are in Bold Green.

Instructor Info

  • Instructor Photo

    Ensure that your photo meets the minimum photo requirements as listed above. CLICK HERE for a photo example.

Class Descriptions

You can submit up to three classes using this form. We've only made the first class as required fields, as the majority of instructors at ATE will only be presenting one class. However, if you are presenting more than one class, be sure not to skip any of the fields. CLICK HERE for a class description example.

Class Submission #1

  • Classroom Setup

    Classrooms will all be setup in classroom style. Please indicate any of your needs below.

  • Audiovisual Needs

  • Handout Materials

    • **Note** Must be Microsoft Program and cannot exceed 60 single-sided pages.

Fees and Expenses

  • $
  • $
  • $
  • $
  • $

Security Challenge

  • Security Challenge
  • Enter the Security Challenge Code from above into the box below to continue.

If you experience problems with this form, please email us at